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Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Misako Matsuoka & Joanie Cartal

Begins Friday February 26th, 2015  EarlyBird Pricing until January 31st

Yin Yoga is a transformative practice for the body and mind. The passive long held but gentle postures allow releasing of long held tightness in the deep tissues of the body while recharging the energetic systems. The Yin practice invites the the mind inward into a contemplative meditative state, encourages the balance of effort and ease without strain, and promotes deep connection to the present moment. It is a much needed healing practice for our modern lives. 

This in depth training will provide you with a solid foundation to teach Yin yoga. You will understand how to include Yin Yoga in a more active class or simply to take your own practice to a much deeper level. Class size is limited to ensure you will have plenty of time for individual attention. This training provides 30 hours of continuing education credit for registered yoga teachers.  

Topics Covered:

  • Theory behind Yin Yoga
  • How skeletal anatomy informs the variations of postures
  • How to support your body with yoga props such as blocks, blankets, sandbags and bolsters
  • The connection between meridian theory and fascia
  • Yin Yoga philosophy
  • Yin breathing techniques
  • Understanding of the benefits of postures and techniques

In this training you will:

  • Receive a manual including specific sequences to take home with you
  • Develop a personalized home practice learn how to modify postures for your unique body
  • Learn how to set the tone of the class through use of music and reading
  • Learn how to teach Yin yoga to your students with hands on assisted support
  • Learn how to modify the postures for students limited by restrictions.
  • Have opportunity to both practice teaching yin yoga and feedback on your teaching style.


This training is suitable for experienced yoga students, those who have a current RYT status, or by approval by instructors. 30 Hours of Continuing Educational Units are available to Registered Yoga Teachers.

Books Required:

The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga 

By Bernie Clark

About Misako:

Misako Matsuoka, ERYT-500 is known for her mindfulness based yoga teaching style. In her trainings and workshops she skillfully breaks down more complex concepts into simple terms and misako_pic_feb2015_scaledmaintains an open non-dogmatic approach to all styles of yoga. In her classes, Misako teaches from the heart, making the practices available to all ages and all levels of yoga experience with touches of humor and invitations to look deeper inside.   She gratefully acknowledges Paul and Suzee Grilley for their guidance in learning Yin Yoga.  Misako is well known in the South Bay area and offers a variety of classes in Yin Yoga, Yin/Yang Yoga, Flow Yoga and Restorative Yoga. This is her 4th year of leading Yin Yoga teacher training. For more about Misako see http://misakomatyoga.

About Joanie:

Joanie Cartal, E-RYT 500, has been teaching for over the past decade and practicing for more than 3 decades. An endorsed Insight Yoga Instructor and mentor for the Insight Yoga Institute, founded by Sarah and Ty Powers. She has assisted Sarah both locally and Joanie_Cartal_pic _cr[internationally. Drawn to the contemplative practices at a young age, dedicated to ever deepening her explorations of ancient wisdom traditions, Joanie creates a nurturing space for students to connect with their innate inner guidance and wisdom. She is a teacher of teachers and participated in Teacher Training programs both here and abroad.With many tools in her kit, she offers skillful sequences, effective techniques and innovative approaches of integrating the practice of yoga into body, mind and spirit. For more about Joanie see http://www.yogaandhealingwithjoanie.com/

Training Dates:

Saturday Feb 27
          12:30pm - 7:30pm
Sunday Feb 28
           9:00am - 3:30pm

Saturday Mar 12
            12:30pm - 7:30pm
Sunday Mar 13
             9:30am - 3:30pm


$495 Early Bird by January 31, 2016, $650 Afterwards. Registration complete upon receipt of payment.

Registration closes February 14, 2016.


Teacher Training Refund Policy:

If you cancel on or before February 1,2016 you will be refunded the full amount less $75. No refunds after Feb 1, 2016.

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